Call for films: Videobardo International Videopoetry Festival

The Buenos Aires-based Videobardo festival will mark its 27th year this November, and has just issued an open call in Spanish and English.

Videobardo Archive and International Videopoetry Festival, founded in 1996, has been presented in 21 countries and is the oldest active videopoetry Festival in the world. This 2023 opens its call to be part of a new edition of the Festival that will be held in November in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with itinerances to be defined.

We understand Videopoetry to be those audiovisual works in which the poetic verbal language (word, letter, speech, speech, writing, visual or sound sign) has a leading role or special transformative treatment. So that the three fields: Moving Image, Sound and Verbal Language dialogue to create a reality that is the Videopoetic Work.

Here are the terms and conditions. Note that all submissions should be subtitled in Spanish, though “subtitling may be dispensed with long as the artist and VideoBardo consider that it does not affect the understanding of the work.”

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