Films for Haiku North America 2023 Haibun Film Festival

We’re pleased to announce that that the following nine films have been selected for screening. We extend our gratitude to all the directors who made brand-new work just for us, with astonishment at the variety in styles and approaches, even with some haibun proving to be hugely popular choices to work with! We’re also grateful to the writers who submitted haibun through HNA last fall, including those whose work was not ultimately chosen. Haiku writers have a unique, centuries-long tradition of using friendly competitions to push the art forward. It’s been awesome to feel as if we’re a part of that, in a small way.

Anyone who’d like to attend the festival on June 29 in Cincinnati can register for the conference here. The videos will of course remain embargoed until that point. Then we’ll ask the filmmakers to make them public so we can share them at, one post per film, and at that point we’ll also encourage both the filmmakers and the haibun authors to share the videos freely, online and off, and spread the good word about haibun video.

Please join us in congratulating the directors of the selected films.

—Jane Glennie, James Brush and Dave Bonta, judges

Table for One (haibun by Carol Ann Palomba)
Director Matt Mullins
United States

The Gone Missing: A Haibun by Joseph Aversano
Director Marilyn McCabe
United States

Haibun – The Gone Missing by Joseph Aversano
Director En D

Unremembered (haibun by Marjorie Buettner)
Director Pat van Boeckel

The Gone Missing (Joseph Aversano)
Director Janet Lees
United Kingdom

Hypnic Jerk (haibun by Alan Peat)
Directors Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran
United States

The Longest Journey by Bob Lucky
Director Pete Johnston
United States

The Gone Missing by Joseph Aversano
Director Pete Johnston
United States

The Gone Missing (Joseph Aversano)
Director Beate Gördes

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