Moving Poems has moved and shape-shifted

…though not as much as I might’ve hoped yet. My web-design skills are rudimentary, so please be patient, but recovery continues from a malicious hack and my disastrous, panicked response to it ten days ago. I took advantage of the crisis to do something I’d been intending to do for some time now: merge the news-and-views section, formerly known somewhat confusingly as Moving Poems Magazine, with the video library into one WordPress installation under a single banner. This should mean fewer problems with the email newsletter, since we no longer have to rely on a third-party feed blender (though we may still have to relocate to Substack at some point).

I think I’ve re-created all the posts I inadvertently destroyed, though I’m afraid a few pages may be unrecoverable.

If anyone is mad enough to want to join us as an author, get in touch. I have increasingly limited time to review videos for the site.

A snippet from Marc Neys’ film Some Facts About Paradise based on my poem of the same title, viewed at the very spot where I wrote the poem.


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    Janet Lees 7 May, 2024

    Well done Dave, what an undertaking! Moving Poems is deeply appreciated by the film poetry community. It’s great that you managed to save it.

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    Dave Bonta 7 May, 2024

    Thanks, Janet! It has been an undertaking… in fact I felt rather like an undertaker there for a few days, until I pulled myself together.

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