~ Filmmaker: Makis Faros ~

Lebensweisheitspielerei by Wallace Stevens

A film by the Greek composer, musician, filmmaker and video artist Makis Faros, who writes in the Vimeo description:

The project is based on a poem of Wallace Stevens titled “LEBENSWEISHEITSPIELEREI”.
The lyrics : “The proud and the strong Have departed” marks a huge portion of the history of the African states calling for their independency at the decades of 60 and after. People who were cut off from their land, used to be dependent on slave labor and within a culture imposed on them, had to stay stool when their invaders departed. These mechanisms can also be found at the contemporary consumer societies of the western world. The video focuses on the endless vicious game of them: those who remain, between desire and the “grandeur of annihilation”

This was uploaded by Vital Space Projects, who have a number of other interesting experimental films on Vimeo.