~ Filmmaker: Michelle Bitting ~

The Call by Michelle Bitting

Michelle Bitting‘s latest poem film.

Boys Like You by Michelle Bitting

Michelle Bitting‘s latest film was just featured at Cheek Teeth.

On Any Day Like Alice by Michelle Bitting

Of all of Michell Bitting‘s “poem films” online so far, this is my favorite, I think. Her husband and collaborator Phil Abrams proves as good at reading as he is at editing.

In Praise of My Brother, the Painter by Michelle Bitting

Another film directed by Michelle Bitting for one of her own poems, with editing by Phil Abrams. Great use of found material, I thought, suggesting quite a bit more than the text itself says about the narrator’s brother.

Trees by Michelle Bitting

The most recent of four “poem films” uploaded to Vimeo so far by Los Angeles poet Michelle Bitting. She succeeds where most filmmakers would fail in a fairly literal match of film image to poem, remaining just allusive enough to hold the viewer’s interest. (Also, as a tree lover, I admit the subject matter holds a special attraction for me.)

I found out about Bitting’s project thanks to a blog post by Robert Peake, “The Film-Poem.”