Trees by Michelle Bitting

The most recent of four “poem films” uploaded to Vimeo so far by Los Angeles poet Michelle Bitting. She succeeds where most filmmakers would fail in a fairly literal match of film image to poem, remaining just allusive enough to hold the viewer’s interest. (Also, as a tree lover, I admit the subject matter holds a special attraction for me.)

I found out about Bitting’s project thanks to a blog post by Robert Peake, “The Film-Poem.”


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    Robert Peake 30 September, 2011

    Thanks for the attribution and I’m glad you enjoyed the film-poem. I am, however, not a British poet, but an American poet living in Britain.

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    Dave Bonta 30 September, 2011

    Oh, sorry! I did know that. I’ll correct the post.

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    Christina Sanantonio 1 October, 2011

    This is a lovely piece that moved me deeply. As a sister who has also lost her brother, young and without warning, I understand how very difficult it is to find words to describe grief. I understand the many universes that little word holds.This work shone light and wind on that unnameable place and gave some measure of comfort in the shared human experience. Thank you.

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