~ Filmmaker: Tom Jacobsen ~

Bicycle Love Poem: Midtown to Canal by Jessica Jacobs

This delightful film by Tom Jacobsen (Pixel Farm) was one of the winners of MotionpoemsBig Bridges Film Festival in Minneapolis last year. Sophie Jacobsen is the actress and Jesse Marks provided the sound mix. The many nods to selfie culture recall some of the best video work of Alt Lit poet Steve Roggenbuck.

For more on the poet, Jessica Jacobs, see her website.

Andrew Wyeth, Painter, Dies at 91 by L.S. Klatt

Tom Jacobsen made this latest animation for Motionpoems, illustrating a poem by L.S. Klatt which was included in his collection Cloud of Ink as well as in Best American Poems 2011. According to a blog post from Pixel Farm, the production studio where he works, Jacobsen based his animation on a series of photos of landscapes reminiscent of Wyeth paintings: “On a 9-day Dakota road trip with his son, Jacobsen snapped photos of the Midwest landscape that were inspired by the painter and then incorporated into the finished piece.”

The God of Our Farm Had Blades by Todd Boss

A beautiful animation by Tom Jacobsen from the Minneapolis-based Pixel Farm. I’ve been remiss in not posting more of Todd Boss’s work, considering he’s one of the two people behind the ambitious new videopoetry site MotionPoems.com. Here’s his website.