~ Poet: Todd Boss ~

Icicles by Todd Boss

A motionpoem created by Michael Guncheon and Ben O’Brien.

And speaking of Motionpoems, if you can get to Minneapolis on October 25, they’re planning to screen a whole new season’s worth of films, which will include poems by Jane Hirshfield, Mark Strand, Richard Wilbur and others — a dozen in all, produced to accompany the Best American Poetry 2011 anthology From Scribner. See their website for details.

My Love for You is So Embarrassingly by Todd Boss

Deb Kirkeeide designed and animated this motionpoem for a poem by Todd Boss.

The Trees—They Were Once Good Men by Todd Boss

A stunningly beautiful animation by Emma Burghardt, who also animated “Old Astronauts” by Tim Noland. (Remember to support MotionPoems with a donation, if you can.)

How Smokes the Smolder by Todd Boss

A Todd Boss poem directed and edited by Greg Mattern with sculptures by Angie Hagen. Uploaded to Vimeo by the cameraman, Jeff Saunders, who notes that the footage was originally filmed for something else and repurposed by Mattern.

The God of Our Farm Had Blades by Todd Boss

A beautiful animation by Tom Jacobsen from the Minneapolis-based Pixel Farm. I’ve been remiss in not posting more of Todd Boss’s work, considering he’s one of the two people behind the ambitious new videopoetry site MotionPoems.com. Here’s his website.

Constellations by Todd Boss

Angella Kassube animates a poem by Todd Boss. The poem can also be found in higher-quality video and text forms at the new site MotionPoems.com (no direct links available due to Flash overkill).