~ Filmmaker: VIV G ~

Words by VIV G


This kintetic text animation by VIV G (Vivian Giourousis) definitely qualifies as a concrete poem.

A Woman by Jillian Brall

Jillian Brall is responsible for the still images of street art as well as the text and reading in this experimental video by VIV G. It’s interesting to contrast this with the way Pablo Lópes Jordán used graffiti in “I-poem 6.”

Ithaka by C. P. Cavafy


A video by VIV G (Vivian Giourousis), using a reading from YouTube by Charles Bryant.

Compare with the interpretations of the poem shared here three years ago, the first in the original Greek from a movie-length biopic. (The second one is pretty god-awful, but a good example of a very common approach to poetry film. I was a little less picky about what I posted in the early days of this site.)