~ Nationality: Croatia ~

Oseka (Low Tide) by Marina Cetkovic

In Croatian (or possibly Serbian; Google Translate indicates the former) with subtitles. The English version of the description reads:

Stop-motion video poetry after an original poem.
A moving poem. A shore-body. A picture of words. A moving picture of the body. A body-picture. Aground on the shore. A wave of words on the body shore. A wave is a body of the wave. The word is a wave of the body.

Ich kann es mir sehr gut vorstellen (I can imagine it very well) by Daniel Šuljić

One of a series of whimsical animated shorts by Austria-based Croatian animator and musician Daniel Šuljić, who, according to his website,

has played about 150 concerts in all of the main Croatian and Austrian venues. His films have been shown and won 20 awards at more than 200 national and international film festivals: Zagreb, Stuttgart, Espihno, Fantoche, Annecy, Hiroshima, Sao Paolo, Utrecht among others. He was and is teaching animation at different universities, in Croatia, Austria and China. He is also working as a dj.

Currently, he is working on new films and new songs.