~ Poet: Koniclab ~

GoldenBricks by Koniclab (Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann)

An interesting experimental videopoem by Koniclab: Rosa Sánchez (director) and Alain Baumann (sound) of the Barcelona-based Kònic thtr. Here’s the description on Vimeo:

Video Poem. Words are appearing on screen, as thin and fragile looking poles move and change to letter shapes. In contrast, we hear the sound of a synthetic and neutral voice, reading and extract of the manifesto from the Mortgage Victims Platform (Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca) who is a movement in Spain whose members have managed to stop evictions by physically standing in front of doors. Estimations are that since the beginning of the crisis in Spain, over 170.000 evictions have taken place in Spain.
In the background, the comforting sound of a shop and its cash register.