~ Poet: Ren Powell ~

It Wasn’t the Flu by Ren Powell

Norway-based American poet Ren Powell writes,

I saw a website called fiverr. People will do/make things for 5 bucks. Nathan is making play doh stop motion animations with his kids: 15 seconds for 5.

The result is something of an exquisite corpse… with kids.

It Wasn’t the Flu (From Mercy Island. Phoenicia Publishing, 2011).

I find the result really delightful and satisfying — more so than many more sophisticated poetry animations I’ve seen.

Immigrants by Ren Powell

I’ve posted a number of Ren Powell’s other animations, but for some reason I skipped this one. As always, see her site Anima Poetics for a much sharper, Flash version.

Hydrotherapy by Ren Powell

Poem and animation by Ren Powell. (See Ren’s site AnimaPoetics for a higher-quality version.)

This will be the last post until November 30. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.

Losing My Religion by Ren Powell

One of my favorite animated poems by Ren Powell.

The Parentage of the Dix Pear by Ren Powell

Poem and animation by Ren Powell

For a higher quality version, see AnimaPoetics.

Miss Dix Opens a School for the Indigent by Ren Powell

Poem and animation by Ren Powell

For a higher-quality version of the video, see here.