~ Poet: Rose Ausländer ~

Strangers (Die Fremden) by Rose Ausländer

A film interpretation of a Rose Auslander poem by the documentary filmmaker Lisa Seidenberg. I’ll be traveling to Europe soon myself, and this videopoem is helping me psych myself up for it.

Reading the English Wikipedia entry on Ausländer, I was struck by this factoid:

In the spring of 1943 Ausländer met poet Paul Celan in the Cernauti ghetto. He later used Ausländer’s image of “black milk” of a 1939 poem in his well-known poem Todesfuge published in 1948. Ausländer herself is recorded as saying that Celan’s usage was “self-explanatory, as the poet may take all material to transmute in his own poetry. It’s an honour to me that a great poet found a stimulus in my own modest work”.

Without the image, Celan’s poem wouldn’t have been nearly as powerful. Quite a “borrowing.”