~ Poet: Timothy David Orme ~

Afterlight by Timothy David Orme

I question how much where I am is who I am
and am immediately struck by the fact that the entire world’s moving,
that every time I ask where I am, the answer’s changed by the end of the question.

This week’s theme at Moving Poems is shaping up to be “Oh my god, I can’t believe I didn’t post that already!” This author-made animation from Timothy David Orme may be his most ambitious yet.

Afterlight is a short hand made film that explores both one’s inherent darkness and one’s inherent lightness. Every frame was made with charcoal on paper (sometimes each frame was drawn up to eight times) and then composited digitally.

Lincoln Greenhaw is credited with the voiceover and Stephen Baldassarre with the sound design.

Afterlight has been getting lots of exposure on the film-festival circuit.

Winner, 2013 Toronto Urban Film Festival (one minute edit)
Winner, Best Animation, Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival
Winner, Cammy Maximus Award (CSU Media Festival)
Third Place, Headwaters Film Festival

Official Selection:
2013 Body Electric Poetry Film Festival
Breadline Poetry Reading, Seattle, WA., May 2013
2013 Toronto Urban Film Festival
2013 Bradford Animation Festival
2013 Giraf Animation Festival (Calgary)
2013 Underexposed Film Festival, 2013
Ó Bhéal International Poetry-Film Competition (Cork, Ireland)
2013 Free Form Film Festival (Salt Lake City)
NewFilmmakers NYC
2014 Toronto Silent Film Festival
2014 Boise Film Underground
2014 Indiegrits Film Festival
2014 America Online Film Awards Spring Showcase
2014 Headwaters Film Festival
2014 Experimental Film Festival Portland
2014 Zebra Poetry Film festival (Berlin)
2014 Landlocked Film Festival
2014 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival
2014 Film Streams Local Filmmaker Showcase
2014 Idaho Horror Film Festival
2014 Cyclop Video Poetry Festival (Ukraine)

Mouth by Timothy David Orme

You’ve probably heard of erasure poetry, “a form of found poetry created by erasing words from an existing text in prose or verse and framing the result on the page as a poem.” This is an erasure film with a poem in the soundtrack, as Timothy David Orme explains at CutBank, where “Mouth” is the December feature in their recently launched new media series, jərˈmān.

“Mouth” is a short erasure film that visually displays the remaining portions of a 35mm trailer that have not been scraped away, and aurally features the reading of a poem titled, simply, “Mouth.”

Septate by Timothy David Orme

Filmmaker and poet Timothy David Orme notes in a webpage for the film:

“Septate” is a short experimental poem film that examines the spaces and tensions between images and abstraction via hundreds of hand painted frames.

Epithalamium by Timothy David Orme

An interesting experimental piece by filmmaker and poet Timothy David Orme, who describes it at Vimeo as follows:

Epithalamium is a hybrid work of “poetry” and altered, erased, and intentionally damaged 16mm film–an odd marriage poem to an ex-wife, the first part being a poem for the speaker’s marriage day, the second part being a poem to the divorced wife’s future marriage, a sort of ‘future memory.’

Epithalamium is a silent project.

For more examples of Orme’s filmmaking, see his online portfolio.