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TriQuarterly welcomes submissions of “video essays and cinepoems”

The venerable literary magazine TriQuarterly has just issued a Call for Cinepoems and Video Essays.

We welcome submissions of new video essays and cinepoems. We ask that you provide a link to the video (we’re partial to Vimeo, but other video-sharing sites work, too). The ideal run-time tends to fall within a four- to ten-minute range, but that’s a tendency, not a rule.

They’ve published two cinepoems already, and it’s interesting to see that they’re hosting their own video — something most online publishers don’t do, since this tends to be an expensive and complex undertaking. As of yet, TriQuarterly videos aren’t embeddable anywhere else (which may be the point).

It’s great to see a magazine of TriQuarterly’s stature open up to submissions of videopoetry. I’ve added them to our compendium of journals where videopoets can submit work as well as to the main links page.