Lament by Dylan Thomas

Update: Video has been made private.

Swoon is at it again with a compelling contrast of public and private moods.

Based on the poem ‘Lament’ by Dylan Thomas (read by himself)
The lament for (his) decay together with the lament for growing protests (Prague 68 – Cairo 11) against the positive growth in nature. Everything in life evolves…hopefully for the best.


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    Therese L. Broderick 2 March, 2011

    Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah! I have never heard such a sensational recording of DT’s own voice! Every recording I’ve ever heard of his voice has been at least somewhat muffled, static, or inaudible. This stellar recording — even despite the added background noise of the videopoem — delivers a voice that is unparalleled in expressive power, articulation, range, nuance, endurance. This filmmaker is from Wales; is that why he has access to such a magnificent recording of DT? Is it possible that this filmmaker somehow modified, altered, or otherwise improved (with technology), the sound of the original DT recording?

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    Dave Bonta 2 March, 2011

    No, Swoon is from Belgium. But as a composer and sound artist, yes, I imagine he was able to clean up and clarify the audio of the reading. The more expensive audio software packages available these days are really quite sophisticated. I know this becasue I have one of them — Adobe Audition — though I admit I only know to use a fraction of its features.

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    Barbara Garro 2 March, 2011

    What a joy to hear a poet bring his own poem to life! I have a whole album of most of the famous poets, male and female, including Dorothy Parker. And, tonight, Wednesday, March 2nd, at 7:30 p.m. for $3 you can hear male and female poets read and perform their contemporary poetry at Caffe Lena on Phila Street in Saratoga Springs, NY, two blocks East of Broadway, the oldest continuously running coffee house in America where Bob Dylan played in 1960 and where his 70th birthday will be celebrated on Saturday night in March. Know his birthday? You’ll get the right Saturday, or now ;o}! Truthfully, I think it is March 21st.

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    Swoon 2 March, 2011

    @ Therese; I found this recording just on the internet
    and you’ll probably like that one better than what I did with it…
    @ Dave, I use Magix (for video, cleanign audio and recording audio); nothing that fancy really.

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