Street Boy by Gareth Owen

An interesting performance by Paul Townsend in a brief film directed and edited by Lewis Albrow. Gareth Owen is a British playright, novelist, children’s author, actor and director.


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    amelia santa-cruz 11 August, 2011

    i love your comment “half asleep” it’s so cool I’m doing it for my english.. <3 :)

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    Phil Brown 4 June, 2014

    Very good work indeed, I love the camera work and editing, the performance is just perfect, well done to everyone who made this. I have made a few films with Gareth Owen check them out here:

    Marie – Music Video
    The Confessions of Jon-Jak Crusoe – Short Film by Gareth Owen and Phil Brown
    The Door, A Short ghost story.
    Behind The Door, The Making of the short film The Door

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    Jack 17 March, 2015

    why is the poem called street boy

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