hollow by Peter Stephens

A Moving Poems production, with the cooperation of Nic S. at Whale Sound, who agreed to let me use her reading for the soundtrack, and the author, who perhaps unwisely gave his permission without any constraints whatsoever. Read Peter’s original text at his blog, Slow Reads. I think it’s a spectacular poem, and I hope my video does it justice — or at least excites interest in the poet and the reader.

I found the rest of the soundtrack at ccMixter, and a public-domain film to poach footage from at the Prelinger Archives (just two of the many online resources I’ve found for videopoem makers — check out the whole list).


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    Beth 31 March, 2011

    Wow. Terrific job, all of you! And most importantly, built around a great poem by Peter. The combination of your own footage and Nic’s voice is compelling, Dave.

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    Dave Bonta 1 April, 2011

    Glad you liked it, Beth! Thanks for watching.

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