we were ten by Nic S.

A new Moving Poems production, once again using not just the voice but also the poetry of Nic S.. This is the opening poem of her nanopress collection Forever Will End On Thursday. Nic was kind enough to record a new audio version of the poem especially for this video, since I took an opposite tack from my usual approach and tried to reproduce something of the feel of the text on the page, going line by line and using a different shot for each stanza, with a repeating shot for the spaces in between. I blogged about the process at Via Negativa, as usual.


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    Cynthia Cox 11 August, 2011

    The frenetic quality of the video & the musical accompaniment really works with the slow, halting reading. It’s a nice balance. I really like this one!

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    Dave Bonta 11 August, 2011

    Thanks, Cynthia. I think I may have been inspired by some of those videos Deb Mordeto has been making for your poems. I don’t know if I’ll make another one quite like this, but it’s good to break out of one’s patterns once in a while.

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