Ground by Alastair Cook

I’ve shared a lot of filmpoems here made by the Scottish artist and filmmaker Alastair Cook, but this one’s the work of someone else: Ginnetta Correli directed and edited this film using Alastair’s reading of some haiku he wrote for a multi-author linked verse sequence. He blogged about the film:

I don’t write terribly much (as you may have noted) and am perhaps unnecessarily precious about what I do write (see Abachan, for instance) and am pleased to see what such a wonderful, dark filmmaker can make of my words. Filmpoem is filmpoemed!

This was featured in VidPoFilm a few weeks ago.

Ground has an impenetrable quality. The film imagery, poem and reading approach each other without quite meeting. In that circle of visual and verbal imagery and the emotion of the voice of the reader, we witness a flame dancing without knowing who lit it, who blows on it, or why it goes out, if it does.

Something profound happens. But what? Is the poem notes on death and what resurrects us through life? Or the dream of a life?

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    Brenda 9 December, 2011

    Nice to see you post Ginnetta’s superb filmpoem, and to quote me.

    I have a suggestion, though. There appears to be an omission and, due to it, I have to make a request. You do not credit me, which you usually are careful about. Nor would I like to see articles by other authors published in VidPoFilm attributed to the site rather than to them. Thanks.

  2. Reply
    Dave 9 December, 2011

    @ Brenda
    Sorry about that oversight.

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