14th Avenue Tshwane (née Pretoria) by Gérard Rudolf

Alastair Cook‘s 16th filmpoem is also his third collaboration with South African poet and actor Gérard Rudolf. Alastair writes,

14th Avenue Tshwane (née Pretoria) is a poem by Gérard Rudolf from his collection Orphaned Latitudes. It is my first work of 2012 and illustrates the year’s intent: it is made from tangible film, not digital recordings, and 2012 is the year of using the digital to edit the analogue. I cannot edit without digital, I cannot make film without analogue. The year of Rollei, Bolex and Collodion. See you soon and Happy New Year!

This film contains Standard 8, Super 8, 16mm and miniDV, edited digitally.

The text of the poem appears on the publisher’s page for Orphaned Latitudes.

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