Videopoetry “for the earth” sought for 2012 VideoBardo festival in Buenos Aires

I’m not sure exactly how often it’s held, but the Buenos Aires-based International Festival of Videopoetry (VideoBardo) will be on its fourth incarnation this year, and the deadline for submissions is July 31st. The call for submissions is in Spanish and English:

2012 is a year of deep changes. Humanity suffers from electronic hiperconnection and natural hipoconnection (with Nature and with the Earth that we are part of). Due to these facts, serious and urgent issues about environment, climate and humans have been provoked. We support The Earth Summit 2012 Río +20 of United Nations that will deal all those issues. We must do something as poets, artists and human beings; we must rethink all these matters. That is why our IV International Festival of Videopoetry 2012 has as specific theme “For the Earth”; its purpose will be to become aware of the fact that We Are Earth.

If you’re on Facebook, there’s also an event page with the CFS. And do join the open group for the Visible Verse Festival, where Heather Haley shared this link and shares many other calls, not all of which get posted here.

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