Call for work: 2019 Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival

The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival is a biennial, multi-day celebration of German-language poetry film held in Vienna. The next one will be 29 November to 1 December, 2019. The organizers issued a call for entries on 1 January. The main competition is only open to entries from German-speaking countries (residency or nationality), but there’s also an international award:

We know that there is a great interest from the international community to participate. Therefore we have created a second competition called “SPECIAL AWARD” after a given festival poem. This competition is open to film makers from all over the world. For the next Poetry Film Festival we have chosen a poem by the Viennese writer and composer Sophie Reyer. You can download the spoken version of Sophie Reyers’ “Zuerst/First” in German for free. We also provide you with a licensed English translation of the festival poem under creative commons. It’s very interesting, that this kind of competition attracts many professionals who like to experience different versions of films based on the same text. On the other hand, it offers people a easy chance to make their first poetry movie in their life.

Click through for more details, guidelines, and the FilmFreeway submission link. The deadline for the Special Award competition is August 30.

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    Josh Manley 15 February, 2019

    Are there any video poetry competitions that are english-speaking?

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