Pattern noster by bobie (Yves Bommenel)

Pattern noster is a video poem about the importance and influence of patterns. Whatever the figure, the infinite is only a sequenced series of textures.

Be sure to click the CC icon if you need the rough-and-ready English translation.

Bobie is a videopoet from Provence with an active online presence and a growing body of interesting work. I’m not sure why it’s taken us this long to feature his work at Moving Poems. He’s had an interesting trajectory as a culture worker, according to the bio on his website:

My apprenticeship began with writing and drawing. In 1994 I started a garage punk band (Mike Hey No More). Then in 2004 I discovered the dialogue between words, sounds and images on stage within the multimedia trio Ana. Since then, I explore works where the verb surveys different media: stage (Printemps des poètes, BPI Pompidou, Capc Bordeaux, Jimmachine’s tour in Japan, …), devices (Chevaux 2 Vent, Viral…) and exhibitions (Couper-coller, Frgmts collective). In recent years I have mainly devoted myself to collages and video poetry.

Or as he put it on Vimeo,

I write without being a writer. I make collages, without being a visual artist. I make video poems, without being a director. I imagine and play music too. Anyway, poetry remains my path. From my media experience, I have kept a taste for short and incisive forms.

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