~ Filmmaker: Murilo Guimarães ~

Ao Amigo do Fáscio / To the Fascist’s Friend by Murilo Guimarães

Murilo Guimarães is a Brazilian poet and multimedia artist and a PhD candidate in anthropology at the University of Lisbon. Ao Amigo do Fáscio is his first release for RG: Murilo, “an art project situated in an imaginary intersection of ethnography, electronic music, video and literature.”

The poem is a letter to [one who] has been captivated by violently irrational acts and thoughts set by politicians, intellectuals and influencing individuals or groups.

In the video, two proto-fascists walk around the city amidst everyone else without being noticed.

The voiceover is by Terêncio Lins. Be sure to click the CC icon to read the English translation (which is a little rough, but one can get the drift).