Hato (pigeon): Japanese word-play by Hanafubuki

I like poems and poem-like things that can be enjoyed without any knowledge of the language. Hanafubuki says,

It’s me reading a Japanese tongue twister. the word “hato” means pigeon in Japanese.


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    Michael 24 January, 2010


    Very fun and addictive (sound) poem! But, I am confused…is this piece by Yoko Shibata or Hana Fubuki?

    You can check out some of my video poems on You tube…just search on ‘sonofTelstar’

    thanks for the video link!

    Michael R.

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      Dave Bonta 24 January, 2010

      I’m confused, too! I think she must’ve re-branded herself since I uploaded this, or else I was just really messed up — I don’t see any trace of the name “Yoko Shibata” now.

      Thanks for the heads-up. I will change the info here accordingly — and check out yor won videos, too.

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